“Eritrea could play a key role in DP World’s plans in the Horn of Africa where a dozen ports could be needed to service the region.” – DP World CEO

Dubai based logistics operator, DP World, acknowledges that it was contracted by the Eritrean government to upgrade and maintain the ports of Assab and Massawa.


Bloomberg business news today reported that the Eritrean government contracted DP World to upgrade and maintain the ports of Assab and Massawa as regional peace brings increased business to the its shores.

DP World is a world leading logistics company based in Dubai specialised in cargo logistics, port terminal operations, maritime services and free trade zones.

“DP World has facilitated the replacement of important equipment which was required and requested by the Eritrean port authorities to maintain operations and meet increase in demand for port services,” the harbor operator said in response to emailed questions by Bloomberg.

Eritrea may play a key role in DP World Ltd.’s plans in the Horn of Africa, where a dozen ports could be needed to service the region, Chief Executive Officer Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem once said.

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Officials and technicians from Dubai Port (DP) World start to arrive in the country soon after Eritrea and Ethiopia normalized their relation by signing a historic peace deal in July 2018.

The Dubai-based company has been monitoring “opportunities in the Horn of Africa,” it said. In 2018, its stake in a port in Djibouti, Ethiopia’s main trade route, was nationalized by the government.


DP World Upgrading Eritrean Ports

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