Twenty four (24) nationals who returned from Sudan diagnosed positive for COVID-19. The total number of confirmed cases in the country to-date is 65 of which 26 are active cases while 39 have recovered and released from hospital.


Twenty four patients (24) were diagnosed positive for COVID-19 today in tests carried out for individuals who had completed their quarantine time at Adibara Quarantine Center – Gash Barka Region, Forto Sawa Sub-zone.

In the past two months, 1370 nationals who returned home through irregular land routes from the Sudan were quarantined in Adibara.

Out of these, 117 individuals were released after due processes while 1253 persons still remain quarantined in the Center.

Although the movement of peoples remains banned in the region as a whole, 7158 nationals have returned home through land and sea routes from Ethiopia, Sudan, Djibouti as well as Yemen in the past two months.

A total of 3,135 persons still remain in 47 quarantine centers throughout the country.

In addition to the ongoing random testing, all individuals have to undergo, as a normative procedure, testing prior to their release from the quarantine centers.

The total number of confirmed cases in the county to-date has now risen to 65, of which 39 have recovered fully and were released from hospital in the past while the remaining 26 are receiving necessary medical treatment.

Ministry of Health
13 June 2020

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